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Male health is more fragile in comparison with the female one. Women naturally have stronger health, but in spite of this fact they consult a medical specialist more often (more than 60% of all medical consultations are connected with women). Notwithstanding the stereotypes, men fall sick more often than women. It happens due to the so-called stereotype of manhood where men are not to complain of their health issues and other problems.

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According to statistics compiled by My Canadian Pharmacy experts, 8 deaths of 10 are male lethal outcomes. These data may be connected with several facts:

  • men endure increased blood pressure harder in comparison with women, but suffer from it rarer;
  • men have incorrect dietary regimen more often – their ration includes excessive amount of fatty, salty, fried food;
  • men with vicious habits, such as smoking, alcoholism, drug addiction, etc.

Indication of the so-called risk groups allows doctors to conduct certain measures among these men in order to normalize and improve living mode of a man. Each man is able to change his life to reinforce health and give a new lease of life. The group of risk includes those who suffer from obesity, smoke, misuse alcohol, suffer from hypercholesterolemia, have sedentary lifestyle and stay out of sport. These men do not need prophylactic measures, since it is easier to anticipate than treat. My Canadian Pharmacy specialists strictly recommend visiting a doctor to reduce possible risks to zero.

Principles of Male Well-Being

Men’s health forms since pre-natal period. During pregnancy, a woman must avoid influence of various obnoxious factors which may affect ensuing health of her baby. It is important to take care of future man’s health before his birth. The disturbing factors are as follows:

  • infectious diseases;
  • penetrating radiation;
  • medicinal products;
  • various chemical substances and others.

Ruling out of these factors will allow preserving health of future baby. Also, it is important to pay attention to intensive hormonal alterations of organism. At this particular time, organism may malfunction affecting subsequent life especially reproductive period. At that time, the intensive production of testosterone occurs which is responsible for formation of hear growth, voice pattern, and other male features. Testosterone is a common characteristic which is produced in testicles and in supramental capsules. It determines growth and development of muscular tissues, hair in specific locations, voice pattern, and sexual attraction. Scientists have proven that this hormone is connected with some traits of men’s character, such as ambition, insistence, masculinity, self-conceit, etc.

My Canadian Pharmacy team on mycanadianpharmacymall.com supposes that those men who achieved certain acknowledgement in profession and became well-to-do have normal content of this hormone.  Testosterone is a necessity of control. But there is unpleasant news – after twenty years, a considerable decrease of annual testosterone level is observed which reaches threshold values at 40-45 years of age. Therefore, men above 40-45 are recommended to verify testosterone level in blood at least once a year. In case of its decrease, it is essential to make special injections.

Thus, in some European countries, introducing injected testosterone to all men at 40 and older is widely accepted. Testosterone content is important to check fasted in the morning, since maximal content of this hormone is observed at 4AM, whereas minimal – at 5 PM. Decrease or increase of normal indexes are to be considered as a variant of pathology requiring follow-up examination. Testosterone is formula for strength and health of a man. Androgens insufficiency including testosterone may be either congenital or acquired. This condition may be treated with hormonal medicines. Moreover, these drugs are used by sportsmen in order to enlarge volume of muscle mass. It is important to be careful, since excessive introduction of hormones may be harmful for organism.

Longevity Secret

Male health and vivacity are to be preserved as long as possible. It is essential to observe the following recommendations:

  • A man should give up smoking, since nicotine takes adverse impact on vessels condition.
  • It is important to avoid physical inactivation: do exercises, ride a bicycle, and train a lot. This will allow a man to strengthen heart and improve oxygen delivery to organs and tissues.
  • A person needs to take a contrast shower and use rigid towel afterwards. These procedures are quite useful for blood circulation.
  • A man should eat a lot of vegetables and fruit, as well as other products rich in vegetable fibers. They are good for gastro-intestinal tract functioning and clearance of processed substances from organism.
  • In order to avoid wrinkles, it is important to apply sun blocking cream and moisten skin.
  • A man needs to sleep not less than six hours per day.
  • It is important to refuse excessive use of alcohol.
  • For longevity, it is essential to drink not less than 2liters of filtered water per day.
  • A man is required to have active sexual life with one sexual partner; regular sex causes optimal production of testosterone protecting organism.

With these recommendations, your organism will run like clockwork.

Harmful Professions

Scientists have proven that there are particular occupations which may weaken male health. Knowledge of these professions will allow taking certain measures for prevention from development of particular diseases to prolong male life. My Canadian Pharmacy team states that practically each profession is able to harm basic male instinct. Any occupation affects health to a greater or lesser degree. But still some of them take absolutely adverse impact on male well-being. Thus, the list of these positions runs as follows: businessmen holding a senior position, military men, representatives of creative professions (actors, artists, singers, etc.), blue-collar workers controlling machines, and sportsmen spending almost entire life on training.

Medical experts warn that in order to preserve male sexual health, people engaged in one of these professional spheres must follow these rules:

  1. Regular examination by doctors: andrologist, urologist, therapist;
  2. Timely testing for sexually transmitted diseases and other infections (PCR-based diagnostics or serological examination);
  3. Avoiding of sedentary lifestyle;
  4. Certain dietary regimen: dark chocolate, vegetables and fruit, fish and other sea products;
  5. Refusal of obnoxious habits.

Vitamins for male soundness are good for health improvement. But a doctor needs to find out which vitamins are indicative in a certain case. Vitamins will allow a man to get the following benefits:

  • Mood boosting and struggle against slight depression;
  • Treatment of chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • Enhancement of libido;
  • Reinforcement of male strength;
  • Self-confidence and energy.

The main vitamins for male health are carotene (vitamin A), tocopherol (vitamin E), cevitamic acid (vitamin C). Scientists discovered that shortage in vitamin C may affect adversely condition and motility of semen, since this vitamin makes them more agile. In order to get a daily dose of this vitamin, a man can eat an orange per day. Citrus cultures are natural source of vitamin C. While taking vitamins A and E, it is worth knowing and keeping in mind that these are fat-soluble vitamins; therefore, in order to achieve their optima digestion, presence of fats is necessary (for instance, this may be a salad dressed with sunflower-seed oil). Dosages of vitamins which are prescribed for men must be higher than for the ones for women. Moreover, their correlation in multivitamin preparations must be different. This is due to particularities of male organism.

Keep to the Point: Erectile Dysfunction

Impotency or sexual frustration is one of the most dangerous problems for men and is able to abruptly decrease their self-esteem. Andrologists call this condition erectile dysfunction (learn more on Mayoclinic). Its causes are quite clear. As a rule, these are diseases one of the symptoms of which is impairment of erection. This situation is met in 90% of male impotence. The causes of this condition include:

Psychological factors where the first failed sexual experience is of crucial role, as well as various sexual inferiority complexes restricting a man in his desires:

  • Metabolic impairments including obesity which leads to arterial sclerotic disease and diabetes resulting in vascular disorder;
  • Impaired blood circulation on the setting of arterial hypertension and vegetovascular dystonia;
  • Prostatic adenoma which is characteristic for elderly age.

Medical experts have stated the regular pattern of cardiac pains and erectile dysfunction (impotency). In case of pains in heart, it is more likely to expect sexual issues soon. This is connected with similarity of mechanisms of these pathological conditions. Cardiac pains are caused by vascular obstruction due to which cardiac muscle has oxygen starvation.

Very often obstructive impairment of vessels develops along with atherosclerosis when atherosclerotic plaque blocks its lumen. Analogical situation occurs in case of potency impairment, since atherosclerosis may affect sexual vessels. Therefore, it is essential to check cholesterol level in blood in this case.

All in all, male health depends on many factors the knowledge of which will allow ruling out their negative influence. The main indicator of male organism functioning is testosterone level, the dynamic esteem of which may prevent from premature aging of a man and his sexual capacity.